Membrane Cleaning

We offer cleaning station systems sized to correspond to our membrane systems.

Membrane Cleaning Stations

We offer cleaning station systems sized to correspond to our membrane systems. Our membrane cleaning systems are equally suitable to clean any membrane system from 150 to 500,000 GPD capacity.

Our CIP systems provide the convenience of onsite cleaning and servicing of RO membranes and are offered with a variety of optional features designed to match every customer’s requirements.

Feed flow and pressure for membrane cleaning is in accordance with the specific membrane manufacturers recommendations.

membrane cleaning systems

Other Water Treatment Systems

ultrafiltration systems

Pre-Treatment Systems

We offer pre-treatment systems as preliminary filtration stage for our membrane systems or for stand-alone applications.

ultrafiltration systems

Ultrafiltration Systems

We offer ultrafiltration systems (UF) to remove suspended solids from the feed water.

reverse osmosis systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis is capable of removing particles down to 0.0001 micron when used for commercial water treatment.

electro deionization systems

Electro Deionization Systems

A continuous membrane process in which a DC electric field is used to remove ions and polar species from an aqueous stream.

chemical dosing systems

Chemical Dosing Systems

We offer chemical dosing equipment as options to our water treatment systems or as stand-alone units.

nonofitration systems

Nanofiltration Systems

Nanofiltration is often used to filter water with low amounts of total dissolved solids, to remove organic matter and soften water.